About Us

Defined by our people

" Our people are our strength and that is what makes us unique as an organisation"

Who are we

GX Group is a European market leading Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) company with 20 years experience, focused on Manufacturing and Development of FTTH products. Quality and innovation is in our focus where we invest major part in our R&D team developing next generation internet solutions.

Communication has always been the main driving force for any society. Today, communication is digital and the infrastructure consists of broadband. Digitalization of a society is not a surprise to anyone. But unfortunately, there is not enough digital infrastructure that allows everyone to be part of the digital society.

Our mission is to develop the right product for each market, supporting highest quality connectivity solutions for our clients: network operators, service providers, system integrators, and the end user.

The people that make it happen

Our people are many things. Some are entrepreneurs, creators, developers and innovators. Others are thinkers, listeners, planners and strategists. They come from different cultures and diverse backgrounds. What connects them all is their passion and drive to develop in-home connectivity solutions that surpass our clients’ expectations. They are what make the company a success.

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