GX India Pvt. Ltd. planned a bonus giveaway of its employees’ Basic salary in the month of April 2021. This was done to support its employees in the current pandemic situation and to celebrate the profits in business, last year.

GX Group’s (GX India Pvt. Ltd.) Head of HR Department said that every employee is eligible for the bonus and will be give the added share in the salary. With an exponential Year on Year growth, company’s management decided to share its profit with its employees. While the World is in the worst Pandemic situation out there, GX Group management’s decision comes as a sign of trust in building the Organization-Employee relationship.

“Our company grew exponentially in Telecom and Broadband market in India. Our success was possible due to the hard work and management of resources by our employees, especially in such trying situation. I want to thank them all and hope we find achieve new milestones in near future”

Mr. Paritosh Prajapati, CEO – GX Group