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India is the second largest telecom market in the world, with over a billion mobile subscribers. The growth in mobile telephony over the last decade, brought in extraordinary opportunities, and reconditioned the way businesses and citizens functioned. The next wave of this connectivity – high speed broadband – has already set the wheel in motion to further transform India’s economy. India is at the around the corner of a digital revolution, with high-speed broadband serving as a critical pillar. The government’s Digital India vision supports quality broadband for the masses as a basic infrastructure for every citizen.

To realize the Digital India dream, it is critical that existing ECO system works together to strengthen the broadband backbone, for the digital highways. To accelerate broadband growth, the government and industry need to work in collaboration to clear out the challenges. Availability of broadband to the masses would be critical for realizing the steps of Digital India dream. Also, efforts are required to increase the awareness at the ground level, around the use cases and benefits of broadband, to realize the true potential of a digitally connected economy.

Reliance Jio GigaFiber with its launched broadband model given a momentum to the Indian broadband industry in the same manner as Jio revolutionized 4G. Being a large operator it creates the awareness in the market, where there have been a acceleration started from the smaller operators to stand up against Reliance Jio to ensure their small Internet Service Business sustain to support their day to day living, as the LCOs have realized that there will not be a steady stream of revenue for their broadcast TV business, and to maintain their business they will need to focus on the Broadband business.

 The digital possibilities are endless

Television services in India is a classic small-businesses success story, where Local Cable Operators (LCOs) played a pioneering role. In recent years, competition from DTH operators has threatened the viability of nearly 1 lakh (1.00.000) LCOs who still operate across India.

LCO roll-in for Broadband revolution

LCOs are small entrepreneurs and are used to working with low profits and in smaller business units. So, they are successful even in rural areas where they use local resources including manpower. Linking them with a national fibre-optic network to provide broadband to their subscribers will give them additional income, provide employment to people, including those in rural areas, apart from helping to improve the national economy.

The cable TV industry also has a track record of managing to connect more than 100 million households in the country. If a feasible business model with support from right operator along with right technology vendor is worked out for cable operators, they will not only build the last-mile networks, but also market them among the local population telling people the benefits as well as how to utilize them. If a proper and feasible business model is worked out for these cable operators, they will not only build the last-mile networks, but also market them well among the local population telling people the benefits as well as how to utilise them.

“Broadband is empowering millions of Indians every day, and many continue to join the revolution with a click. GX (Genexis) want to support the entire ECO system supporting next generation high-speed Internet services. To ensure this GX have taken steps with European investment approved for releasing their new MSO/LCO designed portfolio, ensuring the LCOs could built their network fast and reliable along with a complete training program supporting their deployment efficiently and technique. With just one month away from the release of our new portfolio, we have powered a huge amount of LCOs to sustain and continue support the new Broadband demand of India. Our vision has from start been supporting India by involving the small and local operator, where we today have the largest FTTH development team in India along with a complete support center.”

Paritosh Prajapati | CEO – GX International group
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Broadband for every citizen of India

Broadband has become a necessity— just as water and electricity are to most households today. In Sweden the Headquarter of Genexis has become the first country in the world to implement a model supporting FTTH for every citizen. UK chose to treat modern internet as a utility — giving its citizens “legal right” to fast, reliable connectivity. Similarly, Canada and US declared ‘high-speed’ Internet essential to “quality of life”

This is the time to empower the people of India, which can only be done by involving the entire ECO system who have been working on ground building up one revolution in the broadcast industry for India, and to sustain they will need to support the next digital revolution of broadband and bring connectivity to every corner of India.