Paritosh Prajapati CEO at GX

Paritosh Prajapati : GX Group Strengthens Their Long-Term Global Vision. A leading manufacturer of FTTH and GPON equipment, creates the right foundation for the future with IoT products and providing a Reliable Access Network.

Find out how telecom sector is introducing new security protocols in E-commerce or Smart Retail industry. Follow the interview by our CEO – Mr. Paritosh Prajapati and know details about the new technology advancing in the coming age.

Security plays a major role in the latest trend in market. Software needs to be according the standards ensuring the right level of security, some of it as are mentioned below :

Compliance of IoT standards
IoT Security features
Physical device protections
Botnet Attacks control
Industrial Espionage and Eavesdrop handling
Data Integrity Risks of IoT Security

Few quotes”

Left – Paritosh Prajapati (CEO) | Right – Divyesh Panchal (Head of Sales)

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