Other Equipment

High performance industry grade components to strengthen infra

“European quality which makes the product more demanding”


Saturn Element Management System (EMS) is a comprehensive network management system with an intuitive graphical user interface. Service providers will with this tool optimize their network usage, reduce operating costs and implement new services quickly and reliable. GX EMS is built on Server-Client architecture to provide powerful and high performance system that caters the FCAPS functionality.

fIBER sfp c+ / c++

Industrial grade global standardised SFPs, suitable for wide operating temperature environments that provide flexibility for any network upgrade. Complete range of SFP designed for ISP, Telecom segment with focus on high performance and high availability requirements.

Earth GSTICK 100+

The Earth-Gstick-100+ GPON ONU stick module has been designed for FTTx applications. EARTH-GSTICK-100+ is an GPON ONU device designed with the ITU-T G984 standard. It is a cost-effective GPON customer premise system and can provide 1244Mbps upstream
/2488Mbps down Stream Broadband services by connected subscriber’s switches or routers.

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